Game Rushmore: Welcome to Game Rushmore?

We discuss some games we’ve played. Also, we talk about some features and mechanics of games that we’ve really enjoyed.

Recorded: 07/05/2014

Original Post: 07/07/2014


Game Rushmore: This is the Tomodachi Life

We discuss the games we’re playing, things we’ve bought from the Steam Summer Sale and Tomodachi Life. No Mike today, so it’s all Jen, all the time.

Recording: 06/28/2014

Original Post: 06/30/2014


Game Rushmore: The Lich Rules Over Grandma’s Palace

It’s all about E3!…Mostly Nintendo’s stuff. Aaron also lets us in on the Destiny Pre-Alpha he was playing.

Recorded: 06/15/2014

Original Post: 06/16/2014


Game Rushmore: Bluffing the Butcher

We discuss the games we’re playing, graphic fidelity, and E3 anticipation.

Recording Date: 05/31/2014

Original Post: 06/02/2014


Game Rushmore: Casey Jones, Riding the Hype Train

We discuss the games we’re playing, preparing for game hype and eSportsThings.

Game Rushmore: What’s Up, My Kitty?

We discuss the games we’re playing, the Kinect being unbundled and a book called Console Wars. We’re short two people this week, but added a Jen, who more than makes up for it.

Recording Date: 05/17/2014

Original Post: 05/19/2014


Game Rushmore: Twelve 10 out of 10s

We discuss the games we’re playing, and talk about some of our favorite games from the past. Mike’s back, but Star Wars talk was kept to a bare minimum.

Recording Date: 05/10/2014

Original Post Date: 05/12/2014

Repost Date: 04/10/2015