Game Rushmore: Throwback Episode

We lost the audio for this week’s podcast, which is too bad as we answered listener questions and had rousing discussion. Instead, here’s the test podcast that was never meant to be a podcast. This recording is just the first time we turned on the mics and started talking. In some ways it’s better than a lot of our podcasts. In a lot of other ways it’s very rough.  Enjoy!

Recording Date: 2/16/14

Original Post: 10/20/14

Game Rushmore: A Surprising Amount of Disgaea

We talk about the games we played and Disgaea. Lots and lots of Disgaea. It was sudden and startling, but satisfying. Also, we sang more than normal…

Recording Date: 10/11/2014

Original Post: 10/11/14

Game Rushmore: All the Pledges of Caldeum

Aaron is off moonlighting on another podcast, so we have another Josh to fill his shoes. There’s lots of extra talk with our new guest about the past, present and future.

Josh from Rumors at the Cantina joins.

Recording Date: 09/13/14

Original Post: 09/13/14

Game Rushmore: Rock-a-Fire Explosion

We discuss the games we’ve played and games that warmed the cockles of our hearts. Also, we talk about a game that reminds the group of the greatest animatronic band of our time…

Recording date: 8/23/14
Original Post: 08/23/2014

Game Rushmore: Nintendo Nostalgia

Special Guest Bob from 1, 2, 3, Jokes! joins us briefly to discuss some great Nintendo games, then we discuss some other games we’ve played and Mike regales us with tales of adventure.

Recording date: 8/17/14
Original Post:  08/17/14